Bybit Celebrates Five Years with a Leap into Web3 Decentralization

exchange Bybit has announced its Web3 vision on its fifth anniversary, with a
focus on creating a decentralized ecosystem that is simpler, and equal for all.

Integration: Bybit Aims to Connect and Unify Wallet Systems

aims to be open to all builders, creators, and partners in the blockchain
space, emphasizing collaboration within the community to create an environment
where blockchain technology empowers everyone equally.

its objective is to connect and unify currently segregated wallet systems into
a cohesive experience that links users across various Web3 ecosystems,
platforms, and services. Bybit Web3 will introduce multi-wallet integration,
enabling users to manage both custodial and MPC wallets effortlessly.

Zhou, Co-founder and CEO of Bybit, said: “Our Web3 vision is an extension
of our promise to be the Crypto Ark, safeguarding user assets and seamlessly
integrating them into the world of crypto. We want to help bridge more users
from Web2 into Web3, by building a decentralized ecosystem that’s simpler,
open, and equal for all.”

will be able to access decentralized applications, NFT marketplaces, and the
full spectrum of Web3 features and services directly from the Bybit Wallet.
This allows users to conveniently manage their decentralized finance portfolios,
covering buying, selling, trading, swapping, and staking DeFi assets, all on a
single platform.

part of the integration of partners into the Web3 space, such as the Oracle Red
Bull Racing Velocity series, Bybit plans to further enhance its Web3
infrastructure. This involves fostering partnerships with significant
blockchain ecosystems and projects, along with the launch of its revamped NFT

ByBit’s October Sees Nearly 80% Spike in

Finance Magnates reported that in
October, the
cryptocurrency market experienced a significant uptrend, known as
“Uptober,” with Bitcoin’s nearly 30% surge driving retail trader
activity and boosting spot volumes among the top 10 exchanges. On average,
these exchanges saw a 54% increase in volumes compared to September, rebounding
from the lowest point in 2023.

ByBit and OKX achieved
remarkable monthly volume growth of almost 80%, reshuffling rankings with Huobi
giving way to Bybit in third place. Despite some exchanges like Binance and
Coinbase seeing year-over-year volume declines, others such as Upbit and Huobi
witnessed over a 50% increase. The overall performance of the top 10 platforms
comparing October 2023 to October 2022 was -6%, a significant improvement from
the almost 70% decline reported a month earlier.

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